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Health Insurance for Children in Custody Cases

In a case involving child custody, child support isn’t the only monetary obligation. The law also requires that health insurance be secured for the children. The most common way for this obligation to be fulfilled is for the non-custodial parent to provide health insurance for the child(ren) through the insurance available to them through work. The non-custodial parent can also reimburse the custodial parent monthly if insurance for the children is obtained via the custodial parent’s employment. If neither party has access to health insurance through their employment, the court may order a private health insurance policy to be obtained. It’s also possible in some instances to obtain insurance for the child(ren) through a government program.

The obligation to pay for medical support is an obligation in addition to a child support obligation. The amount you pay for medical support cannot be deducted from the amount of child support owed. And this obligation can be enforced through withholding from earnings just as child support can.

If you’ve lost your job and need your child support lowered, I can help you through the process. We get many Kaufman county residents in our office with this very same problem, and we have helped many get their child support lowered. I would like to sit down with you and discuss your specific situation, so please call my office at (972) 564-4644 to set up a confidential consultation with me, Brett Talley, your Kaufman County Family Lawyer.

In order to lower child support, a petition to modify child support must be filed with the court. To oversimplify, you can file such a petition if

  1. It has been three years since the previous order, or

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The most common family law issue is divorce. This can be a difficult experience and confusing process. If you have questions about how to start the process of getting a divorce, what the process of getting a divorce is like, and the possible outcomes for a divorce, please read this post that discusses each of those questions: Kaufman County Divorce. One part of the divorce process is the division of property. In Texas, there are two kinds of property in a divorce, separate and community property. For an explanation of separate property, please read this post: Kaufman County Separate Property.

One of the big stages of a divorce proceeding is the hearing for temporary orders that usually takes place within two to three weeks after filing for divorce. As the word temporary belies, these orders are not permanent but are designed to set a status quo while the divorce is pending. Check out this post to get a better understanding about this step in the divorce process: Kaufman County Temporary Orders.

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