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Health Insurance for Children in Custody Cases

In a case involving child custody, child support isn’t the only monetary obligation. The law also requires that health insurance be secured for the children. The most common way for this obligation to be fulfilled is for the non-custodial parent to provide health insurance for the child(ren) through the insurance available to them through work. The non-custodial parent can also reimburse the custodial parent monthly if insurance for the children is obtained via the custodial parent’s employment. If neither party has access to health insurance through their employment, the court may order a private health insurance policy to be obtained. It’s also possible in some instances to obtain insurance for the child(ren) through a government program.

The obligation to pay for medical support is an obligation in addition to a child support obligation. The amount you pay for medical support cannot be deducted from the amount of child support owed. And this obligation can be enforced through withholding from earnings just as child support can.

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