What About the Children: Divorce Effects on Children and Assistance for Parents to Help Prevent Those Effects

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, “in 2009, 14 states had divorce rates for men that were significantly above the U.S. average, ranging from 10.0 to 13.5 per 1,000” which included Texas.

Divorce is present throughout our state and it is a difficult and emotional process. But, it’s even more difficult when there are children involved. All parents worry about the choices they make and how those choices will effect their children. Divorce is no exception. And, parents have every right to worry–research indicates that the manner in which parents handle divorce can have a direct effect on children’s adjustments.

But, parents, don’t fret because there are healthy and helpful ways to deal with these effects and the divorce process. In fact, many family clients of attorneys are not only urged but also required to take parenting classes that focus on these issues–how is the divorce effecting your child, how can you talk to your child about the effects of divorce, how to manage the divorce process without placing the child in the middle of the parents, how to maintain the relationship you have with your children despite the changes in your lives, etc. One such class is called “For Kids’ Sake” and it is taught by a psychologist trained and educated in these particular fields.

So, let’s say you become interested in this class and you call your attorney at Guest & Gray, P.C. in Kaufman County. This is the information that you would find out:

Any person can attend. It can not only be you, but you can bring your support system too–your parents, friends, aunts, uncles, etc.

There are seminars offered at several locations and times. Many parents are adjusting to their new schedules, and For Kids’ Sake understands that and makes accommodations. In fact, For Kids’ Sake is currently in over 50 counties throughout Texas.

For a list of classes and the times, you can call 214-526-4625. Also, you can request a registration form from this number as well. Or, your attorney at Guest & Gray can get that form on your behalf.

Nancy K. Pherrell, PhD, is the person who will lead the class primarily. But depending on the size of the class, there may be assistants also there.

The cost is a mere $50.00 per person which you pay in advance of attending the seminar.

Upon completion of the four hour class, you will receive a certificate of completion. This is not only beneficial for you and your child or children. But also, it can be filed in your case if your divorce is still pending and the judge will see the efforts and steps you are taking to ensure your child’s well-being.

The success rate of For Kids’ Sake in parents’ and their children’s lives is why so many courts are now requiring this program for many parents. As said before, divorce is an emotional, draining, and overwhelming process. It is so easy to be absorbed by your own emotions and not realize that it’s also effecting the children in the same ways it’s effecting you and in different ways as well. Being informed and receiving training is the only way to combat this. Call your attorney at Guest & Gray to receive more information. We are happy and honored to guide you through this process.

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