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Have you called your attorney multiple times to the point that you are tired of leaving a message?  Have you emailed your attorney only to find that it is a week later and you still have not received a response?  It is frustrating to have paid someone to communicate with you and represent you, yet you cannot even get in touch with them to give them updates or ask questions. You are wondering what is going on.  Your emails might not have gone through (firewall on some computers) or your messages might not have been translated correctly (automated system for messages translates but sometimes it turns into gibberish in print).  Whatever the reason, you need a response.

If you are faced with this situation, it is important to try every attempt possible to communicate with your attorney.   Try sending them a certified letter letting them know the times you called, the messages you left, etc. and wait for a reply.  If that does not work, you might want to go ahead and go to the office to see if the attorney is available for you to speak with them.  If the attorney is not available same day, you can schedule an appointment to meet with them soon to discuss their case.  Surely your presence would give a clue as to the urgency of the matter.

Some attorneys are what we call solo practitioners in that they have their own practice but they are the only practicing attorney. They may not have the time or the staff to answer you as quickly as you would like.  If you are not receiving a response, the attorney could be in a trial, have multiple hearings, mediation, be out sick or might be on vacation.  They may not have someone working in their office during this time and so when they get back, they have to play some major “catch up” in answering messages and emails.  While it is a valid excuse on their end, it is still frustrating for you because you need a response and you deserve one.

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