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Terrell, Texas, is located in Kaufman County. If you are considering filing for divorce, it is important to understand the local legal system. Kaufman County has four courts, all of which handle family law cases and hold family law hearings. Kaufman County has only one full-service law firm that is more than just one or two lawyers, and that is Guest and Gray Law Firm. We are the biggest firm in the county. As the county has grown, so have we. We fight and win the toughest cases, but we also know how to help our clients reach amicable solutions when it’s in their best interest. We are ready to help you with a divorce or family law case, and we have the resources to get the best result in your case. 

We understand the community and what it’s like to have a family law case in Kaufman County. When we meet, we will discuss the process and understand the dynamics of your family. We know what it’s like to raise children in Terrell. We have employees with families who live in Terrell. We get it. Terrell is a unique place. Lots of people commute to work and are concerned about their children’s future. Terrell is growing with lots of new opportunities. It’s one of the oldest and largest communities in Kaufman County. Jamie Foxx is from Terrell. We get Terrell.

The first step in any family case is a consultation. You need to meet with an experienced Terrell family lawyer to discuss your goals. We have many clients who live or work in Terrell. We offer video and phone consultations, and if you are concerned about the cost of the initial consultation, don’t be. All initial family law and divorce consultations are free.

At your initial consultation, we have a lot to discuss. First, we can talk about your community estate (the property acquired during the marriage). We need to discuss the children and their future. Health insurance, child support, school drop off and pick up, vacations, birthdays are all things we need to start planning for. Coparenting is where both parents work together for the best interests of the children, and that’s always the goal. If parents can work together and safely raise their children, then let’s help make that happen. Not all parents are capable of being responsible co-parents, and in those situations, we are prepared to do whatever it takes to protect your family. 

We need to make sure you are financially prepared for the divorce process and life after marriage. It is a journey we are going to take together. It can be stressful and challenging, but when we work together, we will get the best result. When you want the best Terrell divorce and family law firm, call Guest and Gray. We offer legal services for child custody, child support, divorce, mediation, pre, and postnuptial agreements, protective orders, appeals, and adoption. All consultations are confidential. Call today so we can help you get the process started. 


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