Kaufman County Divorce Courts

There are several courts within Kaufman County, but only two of them hear divorce, custody, Child Protective Service (CPS), and IV-D or Attorney General cases.  If you file for divorce or custody in Kaufman County, the case would be filed in the Kaufman County District Clerk’s office and then the clerk randomly assigns the cases between the 86th Judicial District Court and the 422nd Judicial District Court.  Because of this random assignment, you cannot choose which court your case will be assigned in.

While some CPS and IV-D cases are heard by our district judges, most are heard by the Associate Judges.  Judge Snarr is the current Associate Judge on the CPS cases and Judge Martinez is the current Associate Judge on the IV-D cases.  IV-D or Attorney General cases are all child support cases started by the Attorney General’s office meaning the Attorney General is the petitioner.  The courtroom for CPS and IV-D is the same one and it is located at the South Campus in Kaufman County, not the actual courthouse on the square.

As you can imagine, all four of the judges have different policies/standards in these types of cases.

Contact information for each court is as follows:

Kaufman County Courthouse: 100 W Mulberry, Kaufman, Texas 75142

South Campus Courthouse: 3003 S. Washington, Kaufman Texas 75142

86th Judicial District Court, Telephone 972-932-0251

422nd Judicial District Court, Telephone 972-932-0257

CPS Court Administrator, Telephone: 903-645-5695

Contact Information