I have been served with divorce papers, what should I do next?

The reality is that most people get served with divorce papers and stick their heads in the sand because they are in denial. You cannot let this happen to you. If you fail to file a response, hire an attorney, or show up to the hearing, then you are facing a default judgment against you which results in your spouse getting everything that they want and a final decree being entered that could completely rock your world (sometimes more so than the divorce itself).

You need to set up a consult with a family law attorney and eventually hire an attorney who can represent you in this matter. So many clients come to me after they have been a part of a pro se divorce (they were not represented by legal counsel) and they want me to fix what they have screwed up. Once you hire me, we will either file a counterpetition (if there are certain specific things you want to ask for as a part of the divorce such as a disproportionate share of the community estate, have your separate property confirmed, temporary spousal support, etc.) or file a general denial. More than likely, if you have been served, you were not only served with the original petition for divorce but you were also served with a notice of hearing that you need to prepare for. You will need to make sure you have any of your necessary witness’ information for your attorney and any evidence that you want admitted to refute either your spouse’s claims or support yours.

As a family law attorney, I know how shocking and overwhelming it can be when served with divorce papers. Contact Guest & Gray, P.C. to help you make the best decision in this legal battle. Our family law team is ready to help.

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