5 Ways to Avoid Super Bowl Sunday Negatively Impacting your Family Law Matter

There are lots of things associated with Super Bowl Sunday. Snack food and memorable commercials are two that come to mind. Some other things associated with Super Bowl Sunday might not be such a good idea when it comes to your case that involves family law. This blog is going to discuss five of those things that you may want to keep in mind on Super Bowl Sunday.


  1. Lay off the obnoxious posts on social media. You may think you’re being funny by posting a mildly offensive meme about Tom Brady this Sunday, but as the saying goes, treat everything you put in writing as if it is going to be read aloud in open court. Your best option is to avoid posting at all in order to prevent anything being used against you in your family law case. If you must post, keep it positive and definitely don’t post any pictures that involve alcohol or drugs.
  2. Don’t drink around your kids. Many allegations get thrown around when parents are fighting over their children. One of the more common ones involve accusations of drinking or even doing drugs around kids. This can really hurt your case. Don’t give the other side any more mud to sling at you just because you wanted to let loose on Super Bowl Sunday. Also, it should go without saying, but never drink and drive.
  3. Avoid any arguments. Sporting events are notorious for getting heated, but combine the fact that you are already fighting with your child’s other parent with the anger that can come from watching your favorite team lose the year’s biggest game and there can be some explosions. Any fighting, even about stupid things unrelated to your kids, can hurt your family law case. And while we’re mentioning it, domestic violence and the NFL do seem to be topics that are often found together; obviously avoid any domestic violence.
  4. Don’t miss your drop-off or pick-up time. Just because you were distracted by the big game is not a good excuse to be late to the ordered drop-off or pick-up. If you have an order in place, complying with it to the best of your ability can be excellent for your case.
  5. Don’t blow your child support money betting on the game. Outside of the fact that it’s illegal to gamble in Texas, not having the money to pay your child support can really come back to haunt you. Once you get behind in your payments it can be very difficult to get caught back up.


What are some things that you can do? Enjoy the game with your family, eat lots of good food, and laugh at the commercials! Guest and Gray will be in the office the Monday after the Super Bowl if you’d like to set up a free consult to discuss your family law matter in Kaufman, Rockwall, or Dallas County.

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