Kaufman County Child Custody Cases

Are you facing a child custody case in Kaufman County? Nothing is more important than your children. Understanding what to expect can minimize the anxiety and plan for the future.

Let’s walk through the basics of a Kaufman County Child Custody Case.

First comes the consultation. When you meet with one of our Kaufman County Child Custody Lawyers we will go over your goals for litigation. How do you want the case to end? What issues are important to you? Do you want your child to stay in a certain area? Do you believe you can co-parent successfully? Are the children safe with the other parent? What about child support and insurance? Once we understand your goals we will craft a litigation strategy for your case.

Every case has a beginning. If you are married a divorce petition is filed that will also include a child custody case. If you are not married the case is called a Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationship, or SAPCR for short. We will file a petition and have the other parent served. If the other parent agrees, service can be waived.

Filing a case doesn’t create a child custody schedule, or establish child support. That’s what a temporary hearing is for. It establishes the rules while the case is pending. If the parties can’t reach an agreement, the judge will order support and visitation, and also establish which parent establishes the primary residence of the child.

There are many options for custody and visitation. You may have heard of standard visitation, feel free to ask our lawyers about the right visitation schedule for your child.

Child support also has a “guideline” amount, but the parties may agree to a different amount if the court allows.

I hope you call today so we can discuss your Kaufman County Child Custody case. Our lawyers have years of experience helping families just like yours. We have on office in downtown Forney, and a location in Kaufman across from the courthouse.

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