Kaufman County Divorce Consultation

Every one has questions about their family law situation. I will be glad to meet with you and answer your questions about the process. I understand that their is nothing more important than your family. The internet can be a good source of general information on the divorce process, but to really understand what a Kaufman County family case is like, you need a consultation with an attorney who has experience in Kaufman County family law.

At Guest and Gray our lawyers have decades of experience in Kaufman County. We don’t just take case here, our lawyers been a part of the local legal community for years. I am a former prosecutor from the Kaufman County District Attorneys Office. I am also a former President of the Kaufman County Bar Association. I have never had an office outside this county. Kaufman County is our home and we are proud to serve the local community.

If you want to set up a consultation for your family law issue please call today.